Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Toddlers with Special Needs

Eight more days to go and it’s Christmas Day!

Some may have finished their Christmas shopping as early as last month, while some had just started going after their list. In my case I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, except for the “floor puzzle” that I have bought two weeks ago for my son’s exchange gift. So here I am listing my top 5 educational toys that I wanted for my 4 year old son. As much as I wanted to buy remote control cars, or transformers robot, I opted not because what my son needs are educational toys to further enhance his cognitive and fine motor skills.

Honestly, the time my son was diagnosed with ASD I already bought some sets of wooden toys for him. Most were bought online at TahanangWalangHagdanan, Inc. and some wooden peg puzzles that I found at Toys R Us.

But as the days, months, years went by he already memorized some of the toys. This time, we need to introduce something new to him and maybe, this season husband and I can slash part of our budget and buy a set of wooden educational toys for him.

Here’s the top 5 out of so many that I wanted to get for my son. I may have listed 5 that doesn’t mean I’ll get all of them, I’m only choosing at least 1, that is readily available in the city;


This wooden sorter is different what we have at home, it has obstacles planted on the wooden rod, that will require the child to twist and turn to fit in the right spot.  The wooden rod can also be twisted to create a more difficult game level. This toy will develop problem solving and fine motor skills.


2.    UNIVERSE OF IMAGINATION 150-pc Wooden Block Set 


Actually, I’ve been eyeing this set for months now, but because it’s beyond our budget I chose not to get it yet.

This wooden block set has 150 blocks of six different shapes and several colors. This construction game will enhance the child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination and will teach the child shape recognition because the lid is also a shape sorter. 

3. Sort, Match, Attach Nuts & Bolts Boards

Unlike what I have bought for son before, this bolt  and nuts set is no ordinary because it had a wooden puzzle board where the child will fit-in the same shaped bolts and nuts. This educational toy will help build shape and color recognition, sorting, matching, hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills. 



This set of plastic blocks looks interesting. I have only seen the plain blocks, and those like the megablocks it’s my first time a set of blocks with bristle. As the description implies the child can create their own item to build and the toy will help the child stimulate creativity, hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills. 

5. Bead Sequencing Set Classic Toy

Though my son already has a wooden bead lacing set, I still find this set from Melissa and Doug very useful. I love the idea of having hardwood dowels where the colored beads will be stacked. And the pattern card that can be positioned upright as well  for easy to patterns.

Those are the top 5 toys for me as a mother with a toddler diagnosed with ASD and I am looking forward to get them for my son and I hope that the prices will fit my budget. Or maybe Santa will send one for him... :-)