Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Very Own Christmas 2015

Busy days took me away from my other self (the blogger wannabe side) and my blogs. Today, before the year ends, and with more lax time, I’ll take the opportunity to update this blog.
Christmas Season, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most joyous days of the year not only to us Catholics but as well as other religions. It is the time to celebrate and be thankful that our Savior is born, it is the time that more blessings come our way.

Friday, December 11, 2015

12.12 Crazy Sale with Shopback

After the big big deals I got on the 11.11 Online Revolution last month, I am looking forward for tomorrow’s “12.12 Online Fever”.  

Thanks goodness our office Christmas Party is over and I am now free to relax and do my most awaited online shopping spree together with

I am looking forward for the deals that Lazada will offer because I definitely need a new micro SD card for my smartphone, because the one I got months back got damaged. I am getting also a power bank for my friend and probably some educational toys for my kids.

I already have a list and still in search for a voucher code that I can use tomorrow. So friends out there, it is the holiday season, keep yourself away from the crowd and do your shopping at the convenience of your home or just anywhere you are. Check out the 12.12 Crazy Sale! J

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 11.11 Lazada Online Revolution Experience

Every time I needed something for my techie-techie life alongside with my busy schedule, Lazada is always there to the rescue.

The 11.11 Online Revolution was yet the best online shopping spree that I had so far, aside from the 11% voucher code that I got on top of the “on sale” price, I also got big big cashback from

I took the opportunity to buy a Barbie Doll and also Ken for my baby girl that came in just in time for her birthday celebration.

And of course the most awaited Samsung Micro SD hoard, a 32GB for hubby, a 64GB for my  S.Tab and another 64GB for my officemate.

The fact that I was able to get them at great deals + receiving the items at a very good condition was already a very gratifying online experience for me.

The 11.11 Online Revolution is over, now I am also looking forward for the next big online sale happening on 12.12. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Annual Physical Examination

The Annual Physical Examination (APE) for regular employees came early this year. The same group of physicians, laboratory technicians, etc. from last year arrived in Mindanao and had their 1st stop here in Cagayan de Oro District Office to facilitate the APE of employees in the area.

The tests included are the following;     

-Blood Chemistry Test
-Urinalysis and Fecalysis

-Visual Eye Exam
-Utrasound of the Whole Abdomen 
(for male 35 y.o. and above)
-Pelvic Utrasound and Breast Ultrasound 
(for female 35 y.o. and above)
-Pap Smear (for female 35 y.o. and above)

If availed personally, these laboratory tests and procedures are quite expensive. Luckily, our company is giving us this privilege for free. 

The yearly APE is one of the perks that we get as a corporate employee, and that we are thankful for, because the company we are working for are considering the welfare of the employees.

I am not confident that the test results will be better than last year, since I was too lazy to exercise and diet. I hope today onwards, I’ll be more mindful of my eating habits. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arbor Day 2015

Arbor Day from the Latin word arbor which means tree is a day where groups and individuals are encouraged to care our environment by planting trees. Arbor Day is supposed to be observed every June 25th in the Philippines, but for a busy big corporation like ours, the activity is usually done in the least busy days of the year. And September 18, 2015 was the chosen date of our department to go out and plant  trees.

We advanced to barangay Bulua, the same barangay we chose for our coastal cleanup and mangrove planting last month. This time instead of heading to the coastal area, we went inland along the Bulua-Iponan river to plant seedlings of narra and mahogany trees.

Since there were only 150 seedlings, each one of us only planted 3. And I am happy to say I planted 2 narra and 1 mahogany trees.  

The area is flooded prone, hence planting trees will definitely help and improve the area in the future. 
Let us help save our Mother Earth by planting more trees. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Replica Watches for a Practical Mom

Fourteen years ago, my dream of having a job came true. I started from scratch, from being a contract employee of a regular one. I enjoyed every pay I got, from helping my family to buying what I want that I never had before.  

During those times I enjoyed shopping, and spent some of my earnings on things I love, especially on wristwatches. I owned watches of every kind from original to Replica Watches, as long as my budget permits. Until I ditched the idea of spending my hard earned money on expensive watches, six years ago.

Having a family definitely changes our priorities, I still long to buy branded watches, but had to postpone it because of other more important needs. The best thing I can do is to choose other alternatives by hunting the best replica watches I can find whether in local stores or online.

Take for example a Cartier wristwatch. As the first brand to produce wristwatches for men in 1904 buying one for my husband will really cost me a fortune. Instead, getting a Cartier replica watch is an excellent option. Replica watches also use the best materials in the market, they are designed and made with quality and has a wide range of designs that will certainly match with whatever outfit, yet at a much lesser price compared to the real one. They are not only beautiful but also practical for a wife and a mother like me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shopback 9.9 Online Sale Today until Midnight!

It’s here! Today is the First Anniversary of Shopback! And what better way to celebrate the big day? Online shopping! Shopback is giving 9 awesome deals from their top 9 merchants. Big Sale, Big Cashback until midnight today! 

Timecheck… We still have 14 hours left until midnight today (Philippine Time) to do our shopping and enjoy bigger cashback!

Hurry! Let’s Go Online Shopping with Shopback!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Miracle Baby A, the IVF Journey

My best friend since college A have always prayed and wished for a child of their own for 14 years. She and his husband had gone a lot of treatment, either scientifically or other alternative medicine, hoping to get pregnant butsadly none had happened.

Then she learned about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure.  She and her husband saved enough fund to go to Metro Manila and try it 4 years ago. But sadly, in spite of everything the procedure failed and they went home with heavy hearts and empty pockets.

But life must go on for both of them. They decided to just focus more on their business. Then she met a friend that has gone through IVF as well that made her want to try the procedure one more time. She was so determined and readied herself and as well as their fund, considering how much the procedure will cost.

Then on August last year, they went not to Metro Manila this time, but to Cebu City to avail the procedure again.

In vitro fertilization or fertilisation (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body: in vitro("in glass"). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova(egg or eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilised egg (zygote) is cultured for 2–6 days in a growth medium and is then implanted in the same or another woman's uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.
In my friend’s case, there were 4 ova harvested from her and were fertilized with his husband’s sperms. Two of the fertilized eggs were then implanted back to her while the two were stored for the future. How happy the couple were when the test result came out the A was pregnant with a twin. But unfortunately, one had lost his battle after 8 weeks, but still very happy that one had survived and was born at 37 weeks gestation. Beautiful and healthy baby boy born via caesarean section and weighing 6.0 pounds.  (I was jumping with joy, when I received the news!)
The Miracle Baby Boy
Undergoing an IVF procedure is no joke, one should be on complete bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy period until the delivery. A very vulnerable pregnancy where one should follow all the doctor’s instructions in which my friend complied without fail.

The IVF procedure, medications and the delivery/operation were really expensive, plus their daily expenses while staying in Cebu City for a year, hah! I can’t imagine how much they have spent. But money is not an issue because they really have prepared for it. They worked harder with full support from the family and relatives. Actually, she is planning to undergo the same procedure with her remaining ova stored in the laboratory.

Last week when I went for a vacation in my hometown, I was able to meet, seen and touched the million pesos miracle baby. I can feel the fulfillment of my dear friend; her husband and the rest of the family are feeling right now. 

Seeing the child with his overly loaded with happiness mom, I realized that miracle does happen. She asked and prayed with faith to the Lord and also did their part thru science, then it was given to her.  

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Columbus Paver Patios to Love

One stylish Columbus Paver Patios in the yard is on my wishlist, when building my own home soon. There is nothing more comforting that having our own patio in the yard that the whole family can relax and enjoy or a functional one where parties with friends and colleagues can be held.

Backyard patios made with pavers are the most popular and easy to install. With pavers, it can let us explore the world of creativity by designing simple to complex patterns using  various shapes and colors of either brick, stone or concrete pavers. Determining which paver to use on our projects is very important considering of course the budget because these pavers come with a hefty to slight prices.

Stone pavers are usually expensive because these are made over a thousand years by nature. And to get them it has to be quarried and dug out from the ground. Thus, is you want an attractive and luxurious patio, you can always choose stone pavers. Brick pavers use clay as raw material. It offers uniformity and timeless elegance. Concrete pavers on the other hand, are less expensive because these are made from cement and aggregate materials, formed into different shapes, compressed and air cured. Unlike other types of pavers, concrete pavers come with more design choices (and continuously improving designs over the years) and very easy to install.  While concrete pavers are less expensive, it also has shorter life span, it will only last a decade or two while bricks and stone last for generations.

But installing these pavers all by ourselves is not an easy job, we’ll need professionals to help us make our front and backyard patios the way we want it. Paver patios, whether simple or complex, is best dealt when you hire a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals and employees. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

International Coastal Cleanup and Mangrove Tree Planting 2015

Every year, as part of the corporate environmental enhancement program, employees are enjoined to a day of caring our environment by coastal cleanup, mangrove tree planting or tree planting in the uphill or mountain areas. Because we one big corporation, activities like this are done by department, functional group or area.

International Coastal Cleanup is scheduled on September 19, 2015. But as early as August 7, 2015, our group went out to the coastal area and picked up bags of trash and at the same time planted mangrove trees. This year, the group has decided to revisit the area where we did the mangrove tree planting in 2013 in Barangay, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. 

We were happy to see that the mangrove trees we have planted 2 years ago are already growing, and continually battle the tides to survive. Unfortunately, some were not lucky enough, and were washed out by the waves. So this year, we aim to refill the empty areas, by planting 1000 seedlings of mangrove trees.

Of course, we cannot start planting without listening to the instructions by the barangay officials. They taught us the proper way of planting the seedlings and the need to tie them in the provided bamboo sticks so that it will not be washed out by the tides.

And I am proud to say, I planted 20 mangrove seedlings. I hope Iwas able to tie them well with the bamboo sticks and see them growing healthily when we return next year or the year after. By the way, I also picked a lot of trash too. J

Next month, we are scheduled to conduct or Arbor Day at the mountain areas of the City. I am excited as to what seedlings we are going to plant. You’ll know too next month. I am sure to share the experience of caring our Mother Earth with you.

Let Us Help Save Out Mother Earth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oh My Durian... An Eating Adventure along the Street

These 3 ladies that I am with this noon break, really love to eat durian, in fact, they always eat out when the durians are abundant, while I seldom join them. And this month, is the start when durian is oozing in Davao City. That means durian is already at its average selling price here in Cagayan de Oro.  We are looking forward for a price drop in the next few days.

The sun was up and shining so brightly, one of the officemate Mam A just had her birthday. F & D wanted to treat her for a dessert, and I decided to tag along. At 12 noon the sun harshly kissed our skin, yet we went out, got on a jeepney and asked the driver to drop us 200 meters after, where a multicab is stationed with his carrier full of durian from Davao City. 

We chose an average size of durian, weighed at 1.8kg and asked the vendor to open it for us. Used plastic sando bag as glove to keep our hands durian odor free. We all know how smelly durian is and will really take a while for the smell to disappear.  The 1.8 (including the shell) is not enough for our big appetite, thus, another 1.8kg durian was opened. Hah! Imagine us devouring a total of 1.6kg of durian of course minus the shell (approximately 2kg) at the street side with matching dust and smoke coming from the passing vehicles. Well, that’s part of the excitement of eating the stinky yet very delicious tropical fruit.

After a while, we hurriedly got back to the office because what I thought we’ll be having a great weather today turned out wrong. The sky started to darken and a few minutes later, just in time for us to reach the office, it started to rain again. Heavy rain that poured in the city for days now and not in the area where it is badly needed like in Marawi to increase the water elevation of Lake Lanao. Hah!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Suki Mom Choose Mercury Drugstore

Like most mothers, the kids’ needs are the priority; hence, the first thing I do every time I receive my semi-monthly pay is to buy milk formula for my kids.

When we become parent, wife and homemaker comparing prices of commodities becomes part of our life. We usually visit from one supermarket/grocery to another to get to know the prices they offer. I do that especially for items that are important and bought frequently like milk formula. Milk formula for my kids is the top priority in our list, so every time I get my semi-monthly pay I see to it to buy them first before we really run off the budget.

As I’ve mentioned, I have compared prices of milk, especially the ones my kids are consuming like Enfagrow A+ 3, Enfagrow A+ 4 and Lactum 3+ and among the establishment I’ve been,I finally chose Mercury Drug. 

Based on my comparisons Mercury Drug offers the least price on milk formulas. Aside from that, additional perks are given exclusively to Mercury Suki Card holder. Like getting extra “suki” points when you buy selected products from Meadjohnson (Enfagrow A+ 4 and Lactum 3+).

Monday, July 20, 2015

EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies are Here

Remember the EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies post I did last month? Well, two LED lamps namely the Lucky Horse and Lucky Rabbit came in today. I was actually expecting 3 LED lamps because I exchanged our EQ Dry wrappers for the 3 designs, but sadly only two LED lamps had arrived and the other one was a pink suction bowl.

I wonder what had happened, was it the cow LED lamps ran out of stocks or I miscalculated my EQ points hence the suction bowl was given to me? I hope I’ll get my answer if EQ managed to read this post. But anyways, even with only the yellow horse and a pink rabbit LED lamps, I am still happy to receive them because they are totally cute.

Monday, July 6, 2015

24 Happenings and Gratitude in First Half of the Year 2015

Hello July! Six months have already gone by in a flash. In those six months, my life had been busier than before. If you are a constant reader of my blog, you’ll know why I have slacked and did not update my blogs many times. For the benefits of the new visitor, well, my offline job took much of my time and energy and that one bar of battery at the end of the day was spent it with my family, my two cutie pies my stress relievers.

Here are the happenings the past 6 months. Enumerated based on how I remembered them.

1. Birthday. January is my birth month, thus, I am so thankful to have celebrated a simple birthday with my family and closest friends. Thankful because God gave me another year of my life. Living in this world for 37 years is a blessing. Oh, the birthday gifts? I got 2 bracelets/bangles from the husband. Hihihi thanks so much! Mwah!

2. Travel in Butuan. My first work related travel for the year 2015 was in Butuan City. My boss and I attended a meeting with colleagues from the energy sector. Later, in the evening we had a superb food trip at Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant.  

3. Meet-Up with Fellow Blogger. With my travel to Butuan City, I got an opportunity to meet Kat the beautiful blogger behind The Untressed. It was our first time to meet in person, but it’s like knowing her for years already. Thanks to BC Blogger Comment Exchange for bringing us together and building friendship.

4. Davao City and Dinner Date with Friends. A week later, still work related, my boss and I were tasked to attend another meeting in Davao City. The good thing was, I get to stay in Seda Hotel for the first time. And the best part of the trip was, I was able to meet and had dinner with my two best of friends Jefer and Charry.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet the Minions!

Remember my last post? I mentioned that I availed the pre-order campaign of the Minions Mcdo Happy Meal, just to make sure I’ll get them all in one go. Yesterday, I finally was able to get hold of these cute yellow creatures. 

Aside from the whole set, I bought another one Happy Meal yesterday and got Chatting Bob.

He is now smilingly watching over me from above the CPU, whenever I’m in the office with his new friend, Shaolin Kid and Orange M&M.