Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 December 35 Blessings and Graces

Before I’ll make plans for the new year 2015, I would like to look back the blessings and graces we had received in December, the last month of 2014. God is always generous to us and I am always thankful for all blessing we have received and for Him to be always present in our lives.

As the saying goes “Count Your Blessings” and I’m counting all the blessings we had in December, whether big or small, and I’m so happy to share them with you. 

1. Pasalubong. Hubby's brother came home and gave us a mug he bought from Sweden, chocolates, candies and coffees. These are items he bought from some of the port/cities the ship his in docked.

2. Chocolates. Two of our colleagues came back from their foreign travel and gave us (ladies) chocolates.

3. Chopsticks. Another colleague came back from Beijing, China brought us chopsticks as pasalubong.

4. Headband. A friend from head office sent a Lalaloopsy headband for my little girl.

5. APE. Had our annual physical examination and is waiting for the result to come out maybe early this year.

6. Free Food. One of the accredited caterers, went to the office and treat us free snacks.

7. Jewelry Set. Early this month a college friend asked me to make a complete jewelry set for her. And glad see liked it!

8. Tupperware Direct Selling. Because I usually purchased the baby shampoo and cologne for the kids from Tupperware, might as well register and become a member. Sayang ang discount. :-)

9. Christmas Wreath. I wanted a Christmas wreath but find it expensive, instead I made my own using plastic storage bag.

10. Fiesta Ham. This year, like every other year our company is giving us 1 Purefoods Fiesta Ham for each employee. Since, hubby and I are working in the same company, we got two, that means we already have something on our Noche Buena and Media Noche table.

11. Grocery Basket. Aside from the Fiesta Ham, we also received a basketful of grocery items. And every year, the baskets we got are also shared with our house employees. This is also a sort of Christmas bonus to them in the form of groceries aside from the bonus (cash) we give them.
12. New sneakers. I bought an early gift for the little boy, a Smartfit sneakers from Payless Shoesource. 

13. Picnic Mat. One of the power partners gave  Christmas gifts selected employees from our side and I'm lucky to be included.

14. Convertible Bag. This is a very nice overnight bag I've received so far, aside from it's made with quality it is convertible from a messenger bag to a travel tote. Also a gift coming from our power partners.

15. Bedsheet. Another gift also from our power partners came in.

16. iCare's Party. X attended his very first Christmas party with the therapy center he is currently attending. His little sister tagged along to party as well.

17. Scented Flower Pens. I found these cute and colorful pen flowers in one of the toy stores in Cogon. Bought a box and gave them to the ladies at the office.

18. Recycled Lantern. Our division's lantern was made of empty soft drinks bottles, plastic spoons, etc. Sadly, we're not that fortunate to with the prize.

19. SPED Christmas Party. X also attended the Red Christmas party at the school he is currently enrolled and I snatched a shot with him and his teacher.

20. Gifts and Giveaways. Parents will be the one to give gifts to their children, hence, I bought a floor puzzle for him. He also got a gift from his teacher.

21. Cellphone Charm. Ate Zarah one of the parents gave me a cute doll cellphone charm for Christmas. Thanks Ate!

22. Christmas Presentation. Our division won 3rd prize in “Wannabe Christmas Presentation” during the department’s Christmas Party. We did a medley of Christmas carols and 4 guys "the Maravoys" a.k.a Kanto Boys did a dance number,

23. Snacks. We enjoyed the cash prize of P1000  in a form of snacks for the whole division the following day.
24. Dinner Date. Hubby and I had our dinner date on December 19th at Road House Cafe, you can read the full story here

25. Free Dinner. A dinner treat from our colleague at Bigby's Restaurant in Centrio Mall. 

26. Noche Buena. We thought that we won’t be able to prepare foods for Noche Buena because our two house help went home and celebrated Christmas with their families, but everything just went well. Hubby and I took turns in looking after our kids, and cooking. Our Christmas with just the four us was truly merry and blessed.

27. Divine Mercy Shrine. The whole family visited the Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador Misamis Oriental on Christmas Day.

28. Gifts for the Kids. A lot of gifts came in for the two kids this year. The wooden blocks, radio control cars and clothes for the boy while the little girl got clothes, headband, cash and Anna and Elsa plush toys. These are gifts from their godparents and from Santa.

29. Gifts for Husband. My husband is a kind of person who will not demand anything from anyone, including his wife “Me”. If you’ll ask him what gift he’ll want for Christmas, he will simply say “kahit ano”, the phrase which sometimes irritates me “wala naman kasi gift na kahit ano di ba”, this Christmas when I asked him again, he told me to get him a new wallet and white shirts. Ayan, may ireregalo na talaga ako na hindi kahit ano, hehehe..I let him choose the wallet he wants, because he don’t like the bulky ones, and as usual hindi pipili ng mahal yun. A P500+ wallet from Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club and the 3 Hanes plain white shirts @ P799 from Tupperware Brands are enough for him.

30. Gift from Husband. In exchange I got a Michaela handbag, which I chose myself at P799.00 (@ 50% off). Kulang pa yung gift niya hehehe wala pa sa minimum..hehehe joke!

31. Aluminum Steamer. Instead of getting a P5000+ worth of electric steamer that I have seen at SM Appliance, I chose to get an aluminium steamer at P900+. Cheaper and electricity saver and at the same time I can cook a lot of stuffs compared to the other one.

32. Sewing Machine. If you read my previous post, I haven’t written about the sewing machine yet, though it is part of my “plans and wishes” made for this year, but not really a priority. Remember the 52 Weeks Saving Money Challenge I started this year, well, the truth is I wasn’t able to complete it and made halfway only. At least, I have saved about P5, 500+ and already have 50% amount for the sewing machine. Now for the 50% remaining, well hubby took charge and told me that it will be his additional gift for me. Yippee! Now I have a new craft to learn, and eventually make my kids’ costumes in the future, + the curtains, throw pillows that are so expensive when bought outside. 

33. Kiddie Cabinet. The little girl finally have her own cabinet for her clothes and other stuffs just like his Kuya. I bought the cabinet using the cash gifts (birthday and Christmas) she had received from her Ninongs and Ninangs.

34. Additional Bonus. Our company’s CEO had announced via an email blast that there will be an additional bonus (performance incentive) for all qualified employees. On December 15th, aside from our salary, additional half-month salary was credited to our account. Yippee! Thanks so much Big Boss! Thank you Lord!

35. Media Noche. Hubby was on the graveyard shift (10PM – 6AM) that means, he’ll be spending New Year at work. New Year is best spent with with family right? So instead of spending New Year's Eve at home by ourselves without their dad, the kids and I together with one of the Yayas drove to Lugait, Misamis Oriental to my husband work station. Brought our Media Noche feast and welcome the New Year with smiles at his workplace. 6AM this morning, January 1, 2015 we all went home and spent the rest of the day at our home sweet home.

The material things above are just little blessings that we received from Him. The biggest and greatest gifts are immeasurable and I am very thankful to our Lord God for giving me a happy family, beautiful kids and a humble husband,friends, neighbors and our kids’ yayas, our job, skills and crafty hands, healthy mind and body, and most of all the gift of love, happiness and contentment.

Year 2014 had already ended, our lives must move on and ready ourselves to face the challenges ahead. And with God’s guidance, we can definitely live a beautiful and happy life.