Saturday, January 10, 2015

My 25 Things to Do in 2015

Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Am I ready to face you? I think I am.. I am very ready to face whatever challenges life will bring me and my family, because I know that God will always be there for us.

As we start our new year, I am writing another list of my personal plans and goals for 2015. If you have read my last year goals, a reader commented recently that I fail to include God in my plans and goals, that I should be put God first. Though, I failed to write them in words I know that I am putting God first before anything. But still thank you for reminding me.
1. Keep Faith. Pray More. This year, I am really putting God on top my list. I may not be a very religious type of person, I honestly haven’t read the Bible from cover to cover, but I know deep inside that I love Him and my faith in Him is very strong. Prayer is our greatest connection to God. No matter how busy life will lead me, I’ll see to it to give even a few minutes of intimate prayer to thank God for all the blessings and graces He has showered us. And also to ask him earnestly what I really want because God will not grant your prayer if you will not ask. That is why I’m praying and asking God to help my son recover from ASD, to grant him the ability of speech and to make him highly functional. 

2. Lose Weight and Stay Healthy. The result of the APE is not out yet and, I’m very sure that I have “high” results in my blood test. Thus, this year I am re-listing the goal of “Losing Weight” again and this time with the “Stay Healthy” factor. I have motivation this year because of the challenge my friend Nyc and I made. What is the challenge? You’ll find out after six months.

3. More Time to Our Kids. Hubby and I are working parents. As much as I want to give up my day job, I simply can’t because of my son’s need. He is currently attending therapy and special classes. This year I vow to give more time to follow up at home. With our hands-on + the professionals, alongside with prayers, I know he can make it. There is HOPE.   On the other hand, our little girl is growing day by day and I want to give more time to teach her what she needs to know at her age. 

4. Go on a Date. I realized life,  as a family, with the kids and work was so demanding. Hubby and I had come to a point the we have forgotten that before the kids came, there was us. This year, I make it a point to ask husband for a date. Ha! If before we got married, he was the one asking for a date, this time it's my turn to ask him out.

5. Increase Investment. Last year I already made my initial invested in a mutual fund, this year I had to continue increasing my investment.

6. Get a Health Insurance. Hubby and I probably have no problems when it comes to hospitalization because we have a health  insurance provided by our company. The problem will arise by the time we reach our retirement age where we don’t have jobs anymore. That means we don’t have free health insurance anymore, and that’s time all the sickness is coming out because of old age. Thus, this year I plan to start paying for our future, I plan to secure health insurance for me and my husband. 

7. Do the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Again. The truth is, I did the challenge last year but made it only half way. This year I plan to try it again using the P10 increment. That will be a total to P13,760 savings at the end of the year. Hmmm, I wonder it’s enough to…

8. Buy a Gas Range. Yep! I am getting hooked with baking. I enjoyed it so much. Baking for my family and friends are really fun. Thus, at the end of 2015, I planned to get a bigger oven. A gas range, I think.

9. Bake More. Before my gas range will be realized, I had to continue practicing and experimenting with recipes. I want to consider taking a course, but that’s too expensive and out of the budget. I’ll make use with the tutorials I can get from YouTube instead.

10. Hand Write on Journals/Planners. I found a Recipe Journal at Daiso Japan Store, in Robinsons, Butuan City. A very cute one that I can’t help myself by not getting it. Also, I got a 2015 Planner from Jollibee, I am a person who easily gets attracted to planners yet writes only in the first few days and after that I forgot that I had one for the rest of the year. 

11. Continue Handcrafting Jewelries. Aside from the fulfillment I felt every time I have finished pieces of handmade jewelries, an additional income comes with it. The small gains we got from these wholeheartedly done jewelries are already a big help to our family needs.

12. Continue Teaching Husband the Art of Jewelry Handcrafting. Last year, hubby finally joined the wagon. I already taught him some of the methods and techniques in handcrafting jewelries. And he actually is doing great for beginners maybe because pliers and wires are already part of our life as an electrical engineer. This year I am bound to teach him more, to lessen my burden hehehe

13. Make More Hair Bows for My Girl. If you have visited and read my arts and crafts blog, you will know that I already learned the basic of ribbon hairbow making. I have self-taught myself the craft last year through the help of online tutorials because I wanted to make cute hairbows for my little girl. And so far I made a few, which I failed to post in my blog. This year, I’ll be making more of them. I already have the materials what I need is time.

14. Learn Another Craft. Sewing. I am one busy corporate slave, yet I kept on pushing myself to learn other crafts. My husband gifted me a sewing machine (half of it actually) on Christmas and until now I haven’t tried it yet. I’m in the process of watching and learning from the videos that comes with it. I still need to know something before start learning.

15. Blog Regularly. Aside from blogging regularly, I’ll try my best to join the blog hops and to do the comment exchange regularly. BC Bloggers comment exchange is really a great way of getting to know other bloggers out there.

16. Practice Photography Again. I was once an active photographer wannabe when hubby and I bought our first DSLR. We also got additional accessories to enhance our skills (daw), and have bought also some photography magazines to read. Actually, I only read some, but it was hubby who read more and practiced. But after our first DSLR broke, the interest also died down, even until we got another DSLR. This year, I have to convince husband and myself to practice again and take beautiful photos.

17. Photo-a-DayChallenge. Another challenge I made for myself and is already running at my photoblog. You can check it out and join the fun.

18. Open an Online Craft Store. The idea came in when I thought of making my girl ribbon hairbows. Finding grosgrain ribbons here in the city is very difficult. In fact, I haven’t found any who sell them. I have no choice but to go online. I did some research where to get them by bulk, did computations, and the final ordering will be soon. I still have to convince myself if I can do it and if I have the capital.

19. De-Clutter. This is one difficult task for me. I don’t have extra time to do it, I rely and designate the task to our househelp. Though how hectic my schedule is, I’ll find time to de-clutter our closets, especially my kids. Some of their clothes are already outgrown and some of the toys are already damaged and has to be taken out. Maybe one of the weekend or holidays.. Hopefully.

20. Continue to Love My Day Job. My day job feeds us, clothe us and kept us under the roof. Our bread and butter, the job that fits my profession. Though there are situations that my job stresses me out, I’ll still continue to love it and look at it the positive way.

21. Find a Freelance Online Job. With the expenses we have these days, hubby and I’s income are sometimes not enough to cover all of them. We are trying to live within our means, we already eliminated unnecessary wants and yet we find ourselves breaking even or sometimes negative that we have to take out a portion of our emergency fund. Finding an online freelance job, probably “writing” might help us out. I still have to convince myself that I can do a good job in the field of writing.

22. Reconnect with Friends. After migrating to Cagayan de Oro City, we seldom see our friends back in Iligan City. Distance kept us apart. There will be times I needed to visit my dentist in Iligan City, and during that time we’ll make a way to meet with them before heading back home.

23. Worry less. Smile More.
24. Be Happy and Contented.

25. Continue to Count Blessings. Whether big or small, I'll always remember to thank God for all the blessings he has given and will give us.

That’s it! I thought I'll be making a very short list this year but ended up with 25. Huh! This my longest post so far at approximately 1,600 words. A great way to start the year!