Saturday, February 28, 2015

Donate Blood Save Lives! My First Try!

The last time I tried participating in the bloodletting program held at our district office thru Philippine Red Cross, I failed. I was not allowed to donate blood that time because I did not pass the initial testing, maybe because I only slept about 5 hours the night before.

Yesterday, another bloodletting program was conducted. I was informed in advance by our company nurse of the said activity, thus I was able to prepare and really had a beauty sleep. So, this time I passed and was allowed to donate my type “A” blood to PRC and anyone who needs it, will probably save his or her life.

Since it was my first time, the nurse had difficulty finding the main nerve. It was painful at first, but after the hose was attached and blood already flowing I did not feel anything except for the ball I am holding/rolling on my hand. A few minutes later the 450ml bag was full of my type “A” blood, also just in time that my arm starting to feel numb.

After the hose was pulled out, I was advised to rest and stayed on the bed for a few minutes, then sit for another few more minutes before heading back to my work station which is located on the second floor of the other building.

I did not feel any pain or nauseated except the satisfaction that I can help others thru the blood I gave. This will not be my first and last blood donation. I hope to participate in another bloodletting program 3 months after. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Funny Valentines 2015

As far as I remember hubby and I had a Valentine’s Day dinner only once in our almost 14 years together, that was one of the years that we were still going out as boyfriend-girlfriend, and had received a rose with cute bear via LBC when I was still working in the head office at QC. Valentine’s Day is not really a big deal to us, also hubby is not a romantic type of person, but because it’s a trend that during this day flowers and chocolates are something to look forward too, I think there is no harm to ask for something once in a while. 

This year, I kept asking J what he’ll give me for Valentines because I already got the two bangles I wished for on my birthday, I erased the idea of asking for another. Anyway, the funny part was, while looking for the butter in the fridge the two nights before Valentines for the strawberry cheesecake, I spotted something tightly wrapped in bond paper. Curiosity strikes, I purposely took it and found this bundle of Toblerone Chocolates. I asked hubby if he bought them, he told me “I was supposed to give it to my wife tomorrow, but she opened it up before I got a chance to give it to her”.Ahahaha! Ayun, nabuking tuloy, kung bakit ba kasi hindi man lang ako nagpigil na buksan ang nakabalot hehehe!  Anyway, the chocolates he gave me are still in the fridge and soon he’ll be the one to eat it, because he keeps on pestering me not to eat chocolates since I wanted to lose weight.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Late Birthday and Christmas Presents for the Little Girl

Last week, Z’s Ninong (godparent) came by, and brought with her late presents for his goddaughter. He already sent his gift to his godson X in a form of a 120 softgel bottle of Kid’s DHA from Healthy Options. This time, Z got her share not one but two presents.

A pair of shoes that according to him was on SALE last time in SM Lanang, and a cute pink princess backpack.

Actually, there was a story behind. Ninong Jef, our BFFs came by from Davao City on his way to Iligan City. He called me that he was arriving and bringing with him his gift for Z. The excited me, told him not to worry because hubby will fetch him up at the bus terminal and bring him at home for the breakfast. I was on duty then.

Hubby also played his driver for the whole morning that day, they went to SM CDO because he needs to buy something there.

While at SM, Jef called me up to check the gift he has given to Z if it fits, if not he will buy another one. Even though, the shoes fit perfectly I told him that in a few months, it will be too tight or small for her. 

Thus, he needs to buy another gift. Hehehe... Walalang demanding lang ang mother…Thus, the cute pink Cinderella backpack was the answer. The truth is, Jef is our very close friend kaya hindi na ako nahihiya mag demand.. hehehe

Anyway, Thanks Ninong for the presents!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Today My Battery got almost Empty!

I still have a hangover from our weekend trip. This morning, I wanted to take another leave of absence at work, but hesitated because I might consume all my leave credits before the end of the year. And I am looking forward to pile of works to be done, backlogs, special reports, etc. after a day away from the office. (I was on leave last Friday).

As expected, my whole day was filled with so many tasks. I have written them on the sticky notes on my desktop and scratched them one by one. Forty-five minutes before 5PM, I still have a few more left.  The next important one that I need to draft will be needed that day after tomorrow. I am sure I can finish it tomorrow, but I was delegated to attend a forum somewhere tomorrow because all the supervisors and managers will also be having their meeting (no choice). Hence, I requested for a planned over time work, after 5PM. 

I went home at 8PM and I was still halfway done. Let it be! I am almost drained, I can’t think straight, my mind  was already malfunctioning! I still have the whole day on Wednesday and will email to my boss the final document, his meeting is scheduled on Thursday yet. Everything will be done on Wednesday! I am sure!

Hah!  I’m damn tired and hungry when I arrived home. My stress relievers are already in bed early. I ate my dinner while talking to my husband over the phone, rested a bit and recharged. I have little energy left to do my comment exchange round. I’m here again beating the deadline of the previous thread! Sorry for that...

Anyways, done with the round and already added my link to the present thread before it closes later.
And I still have “1 bar left” before the my battery will be totally empty, thus this post was hurriedly written.

Good night for now, I need to wake up early tomorrow and travel approximately 2 hours to my next business trip. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

14 Things To Be Thankful for in January 2015

Hello February!

Yesterday was like, the 1st day of the year 2015 and I can’t believe it is already February the 2nd month of the year. Huh! January has ended in a flash, that’s how fast time flies now a day.

One of 25 plans and goals that I have written for this year is to continue and never fail to thank God for all the things and blessings He has given me and my family.

January 2015 is the best month for me so far, why? Because it is my birth month! Winks*

New Year with Husband and Kids. Nothing is more precious than spending New Year with the ones we love. In our case, husband was on duty and instead of us (the kids and I) staying at home, we chose to spend it with husband at his work place. And went home together on January 1 after his shift.

A Friend’s Visit. On the 2nd day of the year Jef came and visited us before going back to Davao City. He is the “Ninong” of our two kids, our my best friend. We had a lot to talk about when he is around.      

Free Travel. One of the perks of being a corporate employee is that we get a chance to travel to places for free. Of course, there are works waiting for us when we reach the destination but at least there are few free hours to explore the place before or after the official business. I was in Butuan City on the first week of January then Davao City the following week.