Monday, February 2, 2015

14 Things To Be Thankful for in January 2015

Hello February!

Yesterday was like, the 1st day of the year 2015 and I can’t believe it is already February the 2nd month of the year. Huh! January has ended in a flash, that’s how fast time flies now a day.

One of 25 plans and goals that I have written for this year is to continue and never fail to thank God for all the things and blessings He has given me and my family.

January 2015 is the best month for me so far, why? Because it is my birth month! Winks*

New Year with Husband and Kids. Nothing is more precious than spending New Year with the ones we love. In our case, husband was on duty and instead of us (the kids and I) staying at home, we chose to spend it with husband at his work place. And went home together on January 1 after his shift.

A Friend’s Visit. On the 2nd day of the year Jef came and visited us before going back to Davao City. He is the “Ninong” of our two kids, our my best friend. We had a lot to talk about when he is around.      

Free Travel. One of the perks of being a corporate employee is that we get a chance to travel to places for free. Of course, there are works waiting for us when we reach the destination but at least there are few free hours to explore the place before or after the official business. I was in Butuan City on the first week of January then Davao City the following week.

Blogger Meet Up. For the first time in my history as a blogger, I finally got to meet a fellow blogger. Yep! I met the most talented lady behind the blog The Unstressed. The truth is, I was hesitant to meet her at first that is why I did not send her a message when I went to Butuan. But I guess we’re destined to meet because she sent me a message instead when she saw my FB status. Like what she had said, we never ran out of things to talk about because we read each others blog during the BC Blogger comment exchange. Thanks Kat, I really had a wonderful time.

Meet with my Best of Friends. The very highlight whenever I’m visiting Davao City is, I got to meet my best friends, Jef and Charry. Jef was my work partner during our contractual employee days until he was transferred to Davao in 2003, while Charry is a colleague that Jef and I have met in a badminton tournament way back in 2004. Since, then the three of us have clicked and became the best of friends, even though we are geographically apart. As expected, we had dinner and a lot of chitchat, with us also was Charry's husband.

Stay in Hotel for Free. Free travels come free hotels. The Almont Inland Resort in Butuan was not that impressive (maybe because my room was at the far end of the resort, and there were a lot of mosquitoes), unlike the last time I stayed there years back but since it was for free, I think it’s okay and should be appreciated. Moving fast to Davao City, I got the chance to stay in Seda Hotel across the Abreeza Ayala Mall. Yippee! Seda is one of the company accredited hotels here in Cagayan de Oro City, but since my work base is here in CDO I will never get a chance to stay in the hotel for free (company sponsored). Luckily, Seda is also in Davao City! Will be posting about it in my other blog soon.

Successful Minor Operation. I went for a check-up two weeks ago because the protrusion in my inner left cheek was again irritated (because of the dental braces). The EENT advised to excise it. Two days later I was scheduled for minor operations, an outpatient 15-minute procedure. The sample was then sent for biopsy and thankfully it was just an oral fibroma, a benign “oral fibrous tumorlike growths” due to trauma or local irritation. And also I am thankful that the procedure I availed was free. Everything was charged to the health insurance provided by our company.

Birthday Celebrations. As mentioned, January is my birth month, thus, there were two celebrations one with my officemates at our workplace and the other one at home.

Birthday Gifts. You probably have read about it here and here. Truly blessed! Thanks You, Dear Lord!

California Maki. After days of searching for the ingredients (since December pa) I finally was able to make my first California Maki.  Yippee! Of course with the help of the recipe online and the videos in YouTube. Though, the taste was not that great, but still manageable. Maybe next time, I will be able to make a perfect piece.

Toothless in Here! My friend (from the Head Office) went to the USA for a vacation, and guessed what she bought for my boy? A dragon action figure. The Alpha of “How to Train the Dragon” movie Toothless. I’ve been searching for one here in the local toy store but haven’t seen any. Oh, there’s a chocolate that comes with it.

Fruit Cake. Sir Zurc gave me a fruit cake, a supposedly Christmas gift but came in late. Sir, is also a Korean drama addict and  he is like “my regular customer” who keeps on asking for new downloads. Lol

A Sunday visit at the Divine Mercy Shrine. Two Sundays ago, hubby was on day-off, we decided to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. Said our prayers and had a handful drink of healing water.

Big Brother in Town. On January 27th, my big brother was in town for an official business. And whenever he is in town, he will make time and visit us. I missed my family back home, I hope to really visit them soon. 

That’s it! The 14 highlights, the 14 things that I am thankful for the month of January 2015 written in no particular order.

The past month was chaotic, especially at work. We are currently short-handed because my colleague was transferred to another division and our two contractuals were not renewed, the three of us in our section (including or section head) are multi-tasking, taking the work loads of the other three personnel. I hope there will be an additional manpower soon. For now, I’m expecting another uptight month. Aja! Fighting!