Saturday, February 28, 2015

Donate Blood Save Lives! My First Try!

The last time I tried participating in the bloodletting program held at our district office thru Philippine Red Cross, I failed. I was not allowed to donate blood that time because I did not pass the initial testing, maybe because I only slept about 5 hours the night before.

Yesterday, another bloodletting program was conducted. I was informed in advance by our company nurse of the said activity, thus I was able to prepare and really had a beauty sleep. So, this time I passed and was allowed to donate my type “A” blood to PRC and anyone who needs it, will probably save his or her life.

Since it was my first time, the nurse had difficulty finding the main nerve. It was painful at first, but after the hose was attached and blood already flowing I did not feel anything except for the ball I am holding/rolling on my hand. A few minutes later the 450ml bag was full of my type “A” blood, also just in time that my arm starting to feel numb.

After the hose was pulled out, I was advised to rest and stayed on the bed for a few minutes, then sit for another few more minutes before heading back to my work station which is located on the second floor of the other building.

I did not feel any pain or nauseated except the satisfaction that I can help others thru the blood I gave. This will not be my first and last blood donation. I hope to participate in another bloodletting program 3 months after. 


  1. I havent tried donating blood, hopefully i will have the courage soon.. Hehe

  2. I am looking forward with the next schedule in our work. It's been three months already and I am ready to share the 2nd bag of my blood.


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