Monday, February 16, 2015

My Funny Valentines 2015

As far as I remember hubby and I had a Valentine’s Day dinner only once in our almost 14 years together, that was one of the years that we were still going out as boyfriend-girlfriend, and had received a rose with cute bear via LBC when I was still working in the head office at QC. Valentine’s Day is not really a big deal to us, also hubby is not a romantic type of person, but because it’s a trend that during this day flowers and chocolates are something to look forward too, I think there is no harm to ask for something once in a while. 

This year, I kept asking J what he’ll give me for Valentines because I already got the two bangles I wished for on my birthday, I erased the idea of asking for another. Anyway, the funny part was, while looking for the butter in the fridge the two nights before Valentines for the strawberry cheesecake, I spotted something tightly wrapped in bond paper. Curiosity strikes, I purposely took it and found this bundle of Toblerone Chocolates. I asked hubby if he bought them, he told me “I was supposed to give it to my wife tomorrow, but she opened it up before I got a chance to give it to her”.Ahahaha! Ayun, nabuking tuloy, kung bakit ba kasi hindi man lang ako nagpigil na buksan ang nakabalot hehehe!  Anyway, the chocolates he gave me are still in the fridge and soon he’ll be the one to eat it, because he keeps on pestering me not to eat chocolates since I wanted to lose weight.

The next day, February 13, the ladies in the district office and our department had a get together, because the management will be given small Valentine’s tokens for the all the lady employees. The HR assigned in different areas were given that task to choose the “small something” for the ladies. That means all of us “ladies” will be receiving something, but in different forms. Ours was a mug with floral designs. We had a share of tapioca, and small talks and sharing about love, about experiences. After the get together 4PM-5PM was one the one hour Zumba Party! Of course, I joined the fun. :-)

Oh, you spotted Lee Min Ho’s picture! The story behind was, my Ninang asked our HR to look for Min Ho’s photo have it printed and give to me as a Valentines present. Hehehe, Ninang really knows that I am a Korean drama addict and Lee Min Ho is one of my fans, este my crush pala!

On Valentine’s Day, it was our chance to go out and enjoy the day because it’s a Saturday! But unfortunately, hubby needs to report on his post by 2pm until 10pm and will not be able to come home that night, and I’ll be at the office from 9AM to 4PM for an overtime work. So, Valentine’s Day ended just like any ordinary day. But at least I got to spend the remaining hours at home with my kiddos. 
I also got something for myself, if you remember I signed up as a dealer for Tupperware Brands in November 2014, and is actively getting few products for me and my officemates. I am no fan with lipsticks but there is no harm in trying, thus I bought a “Moisture Intense Lipstick SPF 15, Petal Pink” from the Colour Collection at P199.00. 

Before ending this post, while all alone at office on February 15 (I was also OT), waiting for the data to come it, I took a photo of the lipstick with the chocolate that Tupperware Brands gave on Valentines at a minimum purchase of P1500. 

And that’s me with the lipstick on…

Pardon the eye bags and the chapped lips.