Monday, February 9, 2015

Today My Battery got almost Empty!

I still have a hangover from our weekend trip. This morning, I wanted to take another leave of absence at work, but hesitated because I might consume all my leave credits before the end of the year. And I am looking forward to pile of works to be done, backlogs, special reports, etc. after a day away from the office. (I was on leave last Friday).

As expected, my whole day was filled with so many tasks. I have written them on the sticky notes on my desktop and scratched them one by one. Forty-five minutes before 5PM, I still have a few more left.  The next important one that I need to draft will be needed that day after tomorrow. I am sure I can finish it tomorrow, but I was delegated to attend a forum somewhere tomorrow because all the supervisors and managers will also be having their meeting (no choice). Hence, I requested for a planned over time work, after 5PM. 

I went home at 8PM and I was still halfway done. Let it be! I am almost drained, I can’t think straight, my mind  was already malfunctioning! I still have the whole day on Wednesday and will email to my boss the final document, his meeting is scheduled on Thursday yet. Everything will be done on Wednesday! I am sure!

Hah!  I’m damn tired and hungry when I arrived home. My stress relievers are already in bed early. I ate my dinner while talking to my husband over the phone, rested a bit and recharged. I have little energy left to do my comment exchange round. I’m here again beating the deadline of the previous thread! Sorry for that...

Anyways, done with the round and already added my link to the present thread before it closes later.
And I still have “1 bar left” before the my battery will be totally empty, thus this post was hurriedly written.

Good night for now, I need to wake up early tomorrow and travel approximately 2 hours to my next business trip.