Sunday, March 29, 2015

iprice: Your One Stop Shopping Destination

Do you love shopping online? Well, I do! Very much!

Going physically to malls is a privilege that I do not have lately because of my very busy schedule. That is why I am so happy that online shopping had gone wild in the past years and is going much stronger every year. Online shopping is my only way to get things I need just a mouse click away.

With the rising of so many online stores, finding the items we want can be tough. Imagine going from one shop to another just to find what we are looking for? Hence, a one stop shop that gathers most of the renowned online stores is what we really need. Thank heavens! was born to solve our dilemma.

iprice, carrying the catchphrase as  “Your One Stop Shopping Destination” has partnered with the leading online stores in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, like Zalora, Lazada, Romwe, Banana Republic, etc. Bringing together the top of the line and most reputable brands in one easy to manage platform.

Items are perfectly categorized for our convenient, thus, finding the sought after piece is effortless.

Aside from that, who does not want coupons? Of course, none! All of us want coupons and  is indeed giving us the answers that our pockets need because they also provided a “coupons section” where we can find the latest deals and promos of their partners. 

Truly amazing! Ha! So what are you waiting for, check out iprice and discover the convenience of online shopping. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Purple Feeding Bottle Coin Bank is Full! Let’s Count It!

In the last quarter of 2013, I bought his purple “feeding bottle” coin bank together with a set of shape sorter from SM Supermarket at around P75.00. I was going after the educational toy for my son, the coin bank was an extra item that I thought I have no used of.

It was in the early months of last year that I thought of using the coin bank for my son’s, “fine motor” exercise. From time to time, I gave him different coins for him to drop in the small hole of the coin bank. It was actually hitting two stones at the same time, a therapy + saving.

The other day, with a bottle coin bank full that weighed approximately 3 kilograms hubby and I decided to open it up. Counting and wondering how much the little boy had able to drop. He doesn't understand yet what saving is all about, or money in particular, but we let him do it, because of the purpose stated above and that in the days to come he will understand what he have done during these years.