Monday, April 20, 2015

Rambling while Waiting at the Clinic

My busy schedules offline has prevented me from doing the other side of myself online. That includes updating my blogs, do the comment exchange run by my favorite bloggers community and the alexa blog hop. As much as I wanted to do them in the midst of my schedules I just can't because the day at work really leaves me stressed out. I am always praying and wishing that the new hires will start as soon as possible so that the other responsibilities that are currently delegated to us (my colleague as well) will be relieved.

Anyway, in spite of the very busy and stressful work at least the company had compensated us enough and that I am thankful of. 

Soon when I have the strength and time to do the things online during night time, I make sure to update and write all of the event listed.

For the meantime I am ending this post for now, because it will be my turn to see my doctor.