Saturday, May 9, 2015

Savemore: Nivea Products at 50% Off

How did I learn that Nivea is having a “SALE”? Well, it was my officemate who told me. She had seen it on TV and actually hoarded a lot on Monday May 4, 2015. I wanted to rush to the nearest supermarket but was super busy until yesterday, when I finally got a chance to visit SM Savemore before heading home. I thought I won’t be able to get something that I actually used, thank heavens there were still a few left on the stand.

So here they are, my chosen Nivea products taking advantage of the 50% discount before the promo ends.

2 pieces of 100g Extra White Repair Pore Minimizer Scrub that I usually use, 1 Extra White Repair Pore Minimizer Night Cream, 1 250ml Extra Whitening Body Milk, 2 Honey & Oil Crème Soap, 1 Extra Whitening Deo Stick and 1 Dry Max Deo Stick for Men. I was looking for the facial toner but they were sold out.

Anyway, yesterday’s buys was really a great steal! Imagine getting these products (that are a bit expensive) half the price?  Definite winner!

I hope you were able to grabbed some, because the promo is already on its last day. If not, well, let’s wait for next time. 

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  1. Me too rushing.. I saw the Ad in my Facebook NF . :)


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