Thursday, June 11, 2015

EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies

I saw these flyers, attached on every pack of EQ Dry diapers on Saturday. I can’t hide the excitement and actually detached right away one of the flyers, from the 2 packs of EQ diapers that I have in my shopping cart. I wonder what they have in store for us…

If, last year, they gave us Play Pals in exchange of a certain number of wrappers or accumulated points, this time there are cute LED Lamps and suction bowls with spoons up for grabs.
Introducing the EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies Redemption Promo!
To avail the Animal LED Lamp, collect EQ Dry Baby Diapers with Magic Tape and/or EQ Dry with Bubble Top Sheet and Waistband wrappers with 30 accumulated points and 18 points for the suction bowl with spoon and send it to JS Unitrade Merhcandise Inc.

I am eyeing all the three Animal LED Lamps, hence, I took out the empty wrappers that I have been saving all this time, collected a total of 90 points while making sure that the points are intact.
My first redemption was last year and actually packed the empty wrappers separately for the four play pals. Later to find out that, it can be packed in one bundle.Write the preferred items on a sheet of paper together with the required details just like what my officemate had done.

This time, I already packed it in the same way my officemate did, and is ready to be hand carried at JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc. Cagayan de Oro Office located at Unit G, Neotrinity Warehouse, National Highway Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City.

If only I was one of the lucky winners of the McCelebrationsRaffle promo, surely I am one happy mom to celebrate my boy’s 5th and my girl’s 2nd birthdays which will be in the same month of November (solve n sana pang gastos), sadly, I have no luck in raffle promos.

I think I'll to settle with the EQ redemption promos because I am sure that I can get the items in few weeks’ time after the submission, unlike the raffle promos that I never win. 

The EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies Redemption Promo period runs from May 25 – August 31, 2015. For more details please see the posters above or log on to