Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Sunday of June 2015

My weekends these past months were very chaotic. Instead of spending my two rest days of the week at home, I had to give up 1 day to report to the office for an overtime. Our set-up at work is a little tiring the past months, because only two of us carry the workload that is supposedly for five.  But indeed, our stresses and burdens are compensated at the end of the month when we receive our overtime pay. An additional income that is also very helpful to us. Kaya okay na rin…  

Today, I had my rest day. Rest day in a sense that I won’t be sitting in front of my office computer for a day.  But there is no rest day when it comes to my other job, being a mother and a homemaker. That is why my whole day was still full, until hours ago that my kiddos were already in bed, and I am in front of my PC trying to create this post.

This afternoon, after my trip to the department store and the grocery I took my two kids to SM to play at the Playhouse located at the 2nd floor of the mall. Hubby actually set-up my activity this afternoon, he wanted me to take the boy to the playhouse, kasi matagal na daw hindi na kapaglaro dun, which is actually true. But instead of taking the boy only, I brought the girl and her Yaya as well. Hubby is on duty, that is why I played the driver today.

So it’s the girl’s first playhouse experience at SM. We haven’t taken the girl in the playhouse before. We waited until she can walk  and balance well before letting her, and that time was this afternoon, though she can’t run yet.

She was hesitant to play, or roam around the place. She’s not used to seeing a lot of kids playing and running, so most of the time she clung to me. Thankfully, there is this space where there are lego pieces, a round table with a basin in the middle and chairs for the little one who wish to construct anything. The little girl was so contented in her post, she wasn’t trying to construct, but rather disassemble the pieces previously constructed my other kids.  Just like what she does at home every time we had an activity with her kuya.  Si kuya taga lagay ng pegs, si baby naman taga tangal.

Later on, she was more at ease and gave this pose. One hour and thirty minutes later we left the playhouse after paying a whooping P450 ha! Ang mahal din…

Meanwhile, we spotted Jolibee dancing. Jolibee was having a short activity for the kids. We wanted to take photos with Jolibee but there were a lot of kids, so instead we joined the “bring me something” game. We won two two regular yum burgers by bringing a 5 cent coin and a pink hanky. Yippee!

Overall, our day was indeed fun. Probably next time, the little girl will surely enjoy the more physical play. Ciao!