Monday, June 1, 2015

Get Portion of Your Cash back with ShopBack

Looking physically for the things we need in local stores is sometimes very frustrating. Imagine going from one store to another but to no avail. Hence, online shopping is the best alternative we have right now, thanks to the technology and bringing shopping right in front of us. Online shopping can be done, just anywhere as long as you have the internet, the computer or your smartphone.

Online shopping has a lot of advantages, some to mention are convenience and discount vouchers. Yep, I love looking/waiting for discount vouchers before making my purchases, it allows me to save money. What more if we get a portion of the money we spent in our online purchases back? Good gracious, awesome right? This is what is all about, we get a portion of our cash back when we spend online through them.

ShopBack teamed up with several big online merchants today, like Zalora and Lazada the two which I frequently visit and many others including ASOS and Carnet-de-mode.

The idea is merchants like ZALORA, pay commissions to ShopBack for bringing us “the buyers/customers” to them, then ShopBack will keep some and the rest will be shared with us.

Using ShopBack is pretty simple, log-in, click on the store we want to shop with and get redirected to the merchant’s site. Shop like we always do in our favorite site, pay the items and wait for the Cashback to be credited in our ShopBack account within 1-2 days. 

Shopback also collects the currently running vouchers code from their merchant partners like Romwe, Groupon and Agoda and share them with us. That means you get to save by using the vouchers and additional savings because of the cash back offer.

It’s like being paid while we shop. So, what are we waiting for? Let us all experience a leveled up online shopping with ShopBack, “spend more and get more Cashback”.