Monday, July 6, 2015

24 Happenings and Gratitude in First Half of the Year 2015

Hello July! Six months have already gone by in a flash. In those six months, my life had been busier than before. If you are a constant reader of my blog, you’ll know why I have slacked and did not update my blogs many times. For the benefits of the new visitor, well, my offline job took much of my time and energy and that one bar of battery at the end of the day was spent it with my family, my two cutie pies my stress relievers.

Here are the happenings the past 6 months. Enumerated based on how I remembered them.

1. Birthday. January is my birth month, thus, I am so thankful to have celebrated a simple birthday with my family and closest friends. Thankful because God gave me another year of my life. Living in this world for 37 years is a blessing. Oh, the birthday gifts? I got 2 bracelets/bangles from the husband. Hihihi thanks so much! Mwah!

2. Travel in Butuan. My first work related travel for the year 2015 was in Butuan City. My boss and I attended a meeting with colleagues from the energy sector. Later, in the evening we had a superb food trip at Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant.  

3. Meet-Up with Fellow Blogger. With my travel to Butuan City, I got an opportunity to meet Kat the beautiful blogger behind The Untressed. It was our first time to meet in person, but it’s like knowing her for years already. Thanks to BC Blogger Comment Exchange for bringing us together and building friendship.

4. Davao City and Dinner Date with Friends. A week later, still work related, my boss and I were tasked to attend another meeting in Davao City. The good thing was, I get to stay in Seda Hotel for the first time. And the best part of the trip was, I was able to meet and had dinner with my two best of friends Jefer and Charry.

5. Selfie Stick. Oh, during this time I already bought a selfie stick in Davao. Haha! Late bloomer! Well, the monopod is indeed useful, especially when travelling alone. However, I’m still a shy type person and I don’t have the courage to use a selfie stick in public. In the end, it stays in my bag and I take photos of anything without me in the picture.

6. Valentine’s Day is like any ordinary days between us husband and wife yet husband managed to give me 3 large bars of Tobeleron that he left in the fridge because he was at work while I stayed home with the kids. On the other hand, our mother company gave us a little token to celebrate the day. But on the 19th of February we finally had our family day because hubby was off from work. Together with the kids had so much fun playing at Centrio Mall.

7. Donate Blood Save Lives. For the first time I qualified and was able to donate 1 bag of blood to the Philippine Red Cross.

8. Summer Sports Cup. March is pretty much exciting month, why, because our company had hosted the 1st ever Summer Sports Cup. A sports event featuring 5 events, the badminton, volleyball men, volleyball women, chess and billiards with 5 teams representing 5 regional offices, namely (North Luzon, South Luzon, Head Office, Visayas and Mindanao) held at Bi├▒an, Laguna. I suffered a lot of injuries during the games, simply because I am already heavy and not fit to play the game that I excelled before. My time was up, and new breeds are dominating the badminton scene. Nevertheless, my participation in the Summer Sports Cup allowed me to enjoy the free stay in Seda Hotel, biking around the lake,  taxi boat ride and fish feeding in Nuvali, mega shopping galore at Paseo de Sta. Rosa and experienced the tallest ferriswheel in the country at Tagaytay Sky Ranch.

9. Red Tail Food Trip. Hubby and I also had an “us” time together on Holy Wednesday. The management had declared a half day holiday, to allow employees to go home to their family early. While everyone hurriedly went home, hubby and I had decided to enjoy the half day just the two of us by having a sumptuous lunch at Red Tail. It was our first time to experience seafood galore, with plastic bib, disposable gloves and food serve in plastic wrap.

10. Visita Iglesia. For the first time as Roman Catholics, husband and I started a tradition, the Church Visitation on Holy Thursday. We visited and prayed in 7 churches in Cagayan de Oro City, with a church visitation prayer guide that I have bought from St. Paul.

11. Friend’s Wedding. On April 8, 2015. My best friend since elementary got married in Iligan City. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time. Imagine how excited I was to attend her wedding. Hubby and I played the veil sponsors, but unfortunately we came in late. Anyway, inspite of the major major glitches in the wedding arrangement itself, the couple was still very happy to finally tie the knot.

12. Summer Outing with Friends. Friends are always friends, even the distance. On April 11, the group had set a get together at Midway Beach Resort. Though, 3 of the barkadas weren’t able to join us because of other engagements, still it was one fun outing. We are looking forward for another get together next year.

13. Paseo de Santiago. I was in Iligan City on April 16 to attend a meeting with the generators. After the meeting I met with my husband who was also in the city for a seminar, then went to meet Jen and her husband. I heard about the Paseo de Santiago with the big letters spelled Iligan City, and it was our only chance to see it up close. So here we were, posing with the big letterings.

14. Jen and Family in Cagayan de Oro and Dahilayan Adventure. They came over for a vacation, but instead of booking them a hotel room, we invited them to stay with us for a night. It was a perfect chance to let our baby daughters play at home. The following day, we headed to Dahilayan Forest Park for some bonding adventure.

15. Happy 7th Anniversary. Hubby and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. We had a small celebration at home with family and friends, a movie date, and bought a 1TB Hard Drive as a gift for ourselves. Thank you Lord for the seven blissful years, full of love, trust and respect.

16. Bayo Summer Tee from Dove. Remember the Summer Ready promo from Dove, I bought the summer ready pack deodorant with a cute blue and white stripe tote bag and joined the raffle promo. Though, I wasn’t able to win the trip to El Nido, at least I got a Bayo White Tee, that I am thankful for. 

17. Mother’s Day. It was Mother ‘s day, and I spent my few hours in the office doing overtime work. Later in the afternoon,n we took the kids to SM City to play at Oh Soo Playhouse.

18. Learning Other Sport. Next to my first love Badminton is Volleyball, and I found a new game to love and its called Tennis. Yes, I started learning tennis. Seeing others play,  I thought it was just like badminton easy to play, easy to manage, but when I held the racket and started hitting balls, the feel, the weight, the strokes and the footwork are so different from badminton. I wanted to learn the basics, hence, together with my officemate we took tennis lessons from a local trainer. After 5 sessions, I can now hit the ball properly, with less over the fence flying balls but not an expert yet. I need 3 more years to practice hehehe.

19. 3rd Family Reunion. On May 24, my half brother came home after his extended contract with the ship he’s working with and that was also the date we set for the 3rd Family Reunion at an exclusive resort in Initao, Misamis Oriental. The reunion was not as full packed as before when held at Panaon, Misamis Occidental where all our cousins in the paternal side resides. Next year, the reunion will return to the original venue, my father’s hometown.

20. Big Brother’s Visit in Cagayan de Oro. Because of the family reunion, my big brother from Zamboaga City also came over with his family. They stayed another day here in the city, went shopping and visited the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.

21. Husband’s Birthday. My white haired husband turned 38 on June 19. Since he was on duty on his natal day, we moved the small celebration with family and a friend the following day. Thank you dear Lord for another year of life.

22. Father’sDay. Sunday, the 21st we spent Father’s Day by attending an afternoon mass at the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador and later had our snacks at McDonalds, using the food coupons from the Minion Happy Meal pre-order.

23. Exploring Iloilo and Guimaras. And saving the best for last, is my business travel to Iloilo City and Guimaras Island for the first time. One of the perks for being a corporate employee is to get to visit other places for free.

24. Jewel is One Year and Six Month Old. Saving the best for last is our little girl who is already 1 year and 6 months old. How time flies, this little girl is surely the sunshine in our lives.

There were a lot of events that had happened in the past month, the 25 listed above were only few to mention. I chose to share the happy events and kept to ourselves the unhappy and problematic ones.

Life is indeed full of surprises, not all of them are pleasant there were some that left pain and sadness in our hearts. But we are strong, no matter how hard life will lead us. We keep on fighting as one to achieve our dreams and survive the everyday life. And we are very thankful that God is always with us.