Monday, July 20, 2015

EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies are Here

Remember the EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies post I did last month? Well, two LED lamps namely the Lucky Horse and Lucky Rabbit came in today. I was actually expecting 3 LED lamps because I exchanged our EQ Dry wrappers for the 3 designs, but sadly only two LED lamps had arrived and the other one was a pink suction bowl.

I wonder what had happened, was it the cow LED lamps ran out of stocks or I miscalculated my EQ points hence the suction bowl was given to me? I hope I’ll get my answer if EQ managed to read this post. But anyways, even with only the yellow horse and a pink rabbit LED lamps, I am still happy to receive them because they are totally cute.

According to the manual, the Lucky Horse and Lucky Rabbit Energy Saving Lamps use high capacity rechargeable battery, it has an advance touch technology and can be adjusted manually. It is energy saving, environment friendly, no flicker and has long life LED lights that will not hurt the eyes. It can be charged using regular adaptor or USB cable port.

And these cuties arrived just in time, as we are experiencing rotating brownout in the city because of the power supply deficiency in Mindanao.

I think these will be of good use for a few more days, because we are expecting rotating brownouts for the next couple of days.

The reason why I chose EQ Dry for my kids is, aside from being economical it is also of good quality and of course plus the free items in exchange of the used wrappers.

So mommies, if you are in to disposable diapers go for EQ Dry. J