Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oh My Durian... An Eating Adventure along the Street

These 3 ladies that I am with this noon break, really love to eat durian, in fact, they always eat out when the durians are abundant, while I seldom join them. And this month, is the start when durian is oozing in Davao City. That means durian is already at its average selling price here in Cagayan de Oro.  We are looking forward for a price drop in the next few days.

The sun was up and shining so brightly, one of the officemate Mam A just had her birthday. F & D wanted to treat her for a dessert, and I decided to tag along. At 12 noon the sun harshly kissed our skin, yet we went out, got on a jeepney and asked the driver to drop us 200 meters after, where a multicab is stationed with his carrier full of durian from Davao City. 

We chose an average size of durian, weighed at 1.8kg and asked the vendor to open it for us. Used plastic sando bag as glove to keep our hands durian odor free. We all know how smelly durian is and will really take a while for the smell to disappear.  The 1.8 (including the shell) is not enough for our big appetite, thus, another 1.8kg durian was opened. Hah! Imagine us devouring a total of 1.6kg of durian of course minus the shell (approximately 2kg) at the street side with matching dust and smoke coming from the passing vehicles. Well, that’s part of the excitement of eating the stinky yet very delicious tropical fruit.

After a while, we hurriedly got back to the office because what I thought we’ll be having a great weather today turned out wrong. The sky started to darken and a few minutes later, just in time for us to reach the office, it started to rain again. Heavy rain that poured in the city for days now and not in the area where it is badly needed like in Marawi to increase the water elevation of Lake Lanao. Hah!


  1. I love durian! I remem Fred spending my bday at a surigao park eating native durian.

  2. I still have to get the guts to eat durian! hehe the smell always overpowers me lol

  3. I love durian! Here in Davao, a durian costs 10-30 Php per kilo. :D

  4. I haven't eaten Durian fruit yet. Mahal kasi yan dito. Hehe. I tried the Durian candies though.


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