Saturday, August 1, 2015

Suki Mom Choose Mercury Drugstore

Like most mothers, the kids’ needs are the priority; hence, the first thing I do every time I receive my semi-monthly pay is to buy milk formula for my kids.

When we become parent, wife and homemaker comparing prices of commodities becomes part of our life. We usually visit from one supermarket/grocery to another to get to know the prices they offer. I do that especially for items that are important and bought frequently like milk formula. Milk formula for my kids is the top priority in our list, so every time I get my semi-monthly pay I see to it to buy them first before we really run off the budget.

As I’ve mentioned, I have compared prices of milk, especially the ones my kids are consuming like Enfagrow A+ 3, Enfagrow A+ 4 and Lactum 3+ and among the establishment I’ve been,I finally chose Mercury Drug. 

Based on my comparisons Mercury Drug offers the least price on milk formulas. Aside from that, additional perks are given exclusively to Mercury Suki Card holder. Like getting extra “suki” points when you buy selected products from Meadjohnson (Enfagrow A+ 4 and Lactum 3+).

These are the corresponding additional suki points for EnfagrowA+ 4 and Lactum 3+ exclusively to members;

That means, every time I buy 1box of 1.8kg Enfagrow A+4 and 1box of 1.2kg Lactum 3+ I’ll get 135 additional points, aside from the points I have earned from my purchase (1 point for every P200). Remember that 1 suki point is equivalent to 1 peso. With an average of 4 packs per month, I will have at least 1080 points in 4 months.That means my accumulated points can be used to buy a pack of 1.2kg Enfagrow A+ 4 (P1097.00). Big saving indeed! 

There are also other perks exclusively for members, like the last time (July 15) I bought a 250ml Ceelin Plus syrup, and 1 30ml Ceelin Plus drops, I got a P100 gift certificate and a free umbrella  for a P350 accumulated purchase of Ceelin products. 

So what more can I ask for, aside from being the most trusted drugstores for genuine drugs/ medicines, Mercury is really a good place to buy these essentials for my kids. I get to enjoy the perks, discounts and freebies as a member and most importantly the convenience, because there’s a branch just a few steps away from the office.

So mommies out there if you don’t have a Mercury Suki Card yet, go and get one now, and enjoy the perks and promos they have from time to time.