Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arbor Day 2015

Arbor Day from the Latin word arbor which means tree is a day where groups and individuals are encouraged to care our environment by planting trees. Arbor Day is supposed to be observed every June 25th in the Philippines, but for a busy big corporation like ours, the activity is usually done in the least busy days of the year. And September 18, 2015 was the chosen date of our department to go out and plant  trees.

We advanced to barangay Bulua, the same barangay we chose for our coastal cleanup and mangrove planting last month. This time instead of heading to the coastal area, we went inland along the Bulua-Iponan river to plant seedlings of narra and mahogany trees.

Since there were only 150 seedlings, each one of us only planted 3. And I am happy to say I planted 2 narra and 1 mahogany trees.  

The area is flooded prone, hence planting trees will definitely help and improve the area in the future. 
Let us help save our Mother Earth by planting more trees. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Replica Watches for a Practical Mom

Fourteen years ago, my dream of having a job came true. I started from scratch, from being a contract employee of a regular one. I enjoyed every pay I got, from helping my family to buying what I want that I never had before.  

During those times I enjoyed shopping, and spent some of my earnings on things I love, especially on wristwatches. I owned watches of every kind from original to Replica Watches, as long as my budget permits. Until I ditched the idea of spending my hard earned money on expensive watches, six years ago.

Having a family definitely changes our priorities, I still long to buy branded watches, but had to postpone it because of other more important needs. The best thing I can do is to choose other alternatives by hunting the best replica watches I can find whether in local stores or online.

Take for example a Cartier wristwatch. As the first brand to produce wristwatches for men in 1904 buying one for my husband will really cost me a fortune. Instead, getting a Cartier replica watch is an excellent option. Replica watches also use the best materials in the market, they are designed and made with quality and has a wide range of designs that will certainly match with whatever outfit, yet at a much lesser price compared to the real one. They are not only beautiful but also practical for a wife and a mother like me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Miracle Baby A, the IVF Journey

My best friend since college A have always prayed and wished for a child of their own for 14 years. She and his husband had gone a lot of treatment, either scientifically or other alternative medicine, hoping to get pregnant butsadly none had happened.

Then she learned about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure.  She and her husband saved enough fund to go to Metro Manila and try it 4 years ago. But sadly, in spite of everything the procedure failed and they went home with heavy hearts and empty pockets.

But life must go on for both of them. They decided to just focus more on their business. Then she met a friend that has gone through IVF as well that made her want to try the procedure one more time. She was so determined and readied herself and as well as their fund, considering how much the procedure will cost.

Then on August last year, they went not to Metro Manila this time, but to Cebu City to avail the procedure again.

In vitro fertilization or fertilisation (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body: in vitro("in glass"). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman's ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova(egg or eggs) from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilised egg (zygote) is cultured for 2–6 days in a growth medium and is then implanted in the same or another woman's uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.
In my friend’s case, there were 4 ova harvested from her and were fertilized with his husband’s sperms. Two of the fertilized eggs were then implanted back to her while the two were stored for the future. How happy the couple were when the test result came out the A was pregnant with a twin. But unfortunately, one had lost his battle after 8 weeks, but still very happy that one had survived and was born at 37 weeks gestation. Beautiful and healthy baby boy born via caesarean section and weighing 6.0 pounds.  (I was jumping with joy, when I received the news!)
The Miracle Baby Boy
Undergoing an IVF procedure is no joke, one should be on complete bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy period until the delivery. A very vulnerable pregnancy where one should follow all the doctor’s instructions in which my friend complied without fail.

The IVF procedure, medications and the delivery/operation were really expensive, plus their daily expenses while staying in Cebu City for a year, hah! I can’t imagine how much they have spent. But money is not an issue because they really have prepared for it. They worked harder with full support from the family and relatives. Actually, she is planning to undergo the same procedure with her remaining ova stored in the laboratory.

Last week when I went for a vacation in my hometown, I was able to meet, seen and touched the million pesos miracle baby. I can feel the fulfillment of my dear friend; her husband and the rest of the family are feeling right now. 

Seeing the child with his overly loaded with happiness mom, I realized that miracle does happen. She asked and prayed with faith to the Lord and also did their part thru science, then it was given to her.