Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arbor Day 2015

Arbor Day from the Latin word arbor which means tree is a day where groups and individuals are encouraged to care our environment by planting trees. Arbor Day is supposed to be observed every June 25th in the Philippines, but for a busy big corporation like ours, the activity is usually done in the least busy days of the year. And September 18, 2015 was the chosen date of our department to go out and plant  trees.

We advanced to barangay Bulua, the same barangay we chose for our coastal cleanup and mangrove planting last month. This time instead of heading to the coastal area, we went inland along the Bulua-Iponan river to plant seedlings of narra and mahogany trees.

Since there were only 150 seedlings, each one of us only planted 3. And I am happy to say I planted 2 narra and 1 mahogany trees.  

The area is flooded prone, hence planting trees will definitely help and improve the area in the future. 
Let us help save our Mother Earth by planting more trees.