Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Annual Physical Examination

The Annual Physical Examination (APE) for regular employees came early this year. The same group of physicians, laboratory technicians, etc. from last year arrived in Mindanao and had their 1st stop here in Cagayan de Oro District Office to facilitate the APE of employees in the area.

The tests included are the following;     

-Blood Chemistry Test
-Urinalysis and Fecalysis

-Visual Eye Exam
-Utrasound of the Whole Abdomen 
(for male 35 y.o. and above)
-Pelvic Utrasound and Breast Ultrasound 
(for female 35 y.o. and above)
-Pap Smear (for female 35 y.o. and above)

If availed personally, these laboratory tests and procedures are quite expensive. Luckily, our company is giving us this privilege for free. 

The yearly APE is one of the perks that we get as a corporate employee, and that we are thankful for, because the company we are working for are considering the welfare of the employees.

I am not confident that the test results will be better than last year, since I was too lazy to exercise and diet. I hope today onwards, I’ll be more mindful of my eating habits.