Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 11.11 Lazada Online Revolution Experience

Every time I needed something for my techie-techie life alongside with my busy schedule, Lazada is always there to the rescue.

The 11.11 Online Revolution was yet the best online shopping spree that I had so far, aside from the 11% voucher code that I got on top of the “on sale” price, I also got big big cashback from

I took the opportunity to buy a Barbie Doll and also Ken for my baby girl that came in just in time for her birthday celebration.

And of course the most awaited Samsung Micro SD hoard, a 32GB for hubby, a 64GB for my  S.Tab and another 64GB for my officemate.

The fact that I was able to get them at great deals + receiving the items at a very good condition was already a very gratifying online experience for me.

The 11.11 Online Revolution is over, now I am also looking forward for the next big online sale happening on 12.12.