Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Very Own Christmas 2015

Busy days took me away from my other self (the blogger wannabe side) and my blogs. Today, before the year ends, and with more lax time, I’ll take the opportunity to update this blog.
Christmas Season, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most joyous days of the year not only to us Catholics but as well as other religions. It is the time to celebrate and be thankful that our Savior is born, it is the time that more blessings come our way.

Friday, December 11, 2015

12.12 Crazy Sale with Shopback

After the big big deals I got on the 11.11 Online Revolution last month, I am looking forward for tomorrow’s “12.12 Online Fever”.  

Thanks goodness our office Christmas Party is over and I am now free to relax and do my most awaited online shopping spree together with

I am looking forward for the deals that Lazada will offer because I definitely need a new micro SD card for my smartphone, because the one I got months back got damaged. I am getting also a power bank for my friend and probably some educational toys for my kids.

I already have a list and still in search for a voucher code that I can use tomorrow. So friends out there, it is the holiday season, keep yourself away from the crowd and do your shopping at the convenience of your home or just anywhere you are. Check out the 12.12 Crazy Sale! J