Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year 2016, New Injury

It’s a Happy New Year 2016!

This is quite a 4-day delayed post. I don’t have an excuse for slacking during the first 3 days of the year, though I was able to update my 2 other blogs until last night wherein I became a slow moving lady. Blame it to my carelessness, I ended up with stiff and painful muscles in my right leg due to the cramps I had last night. My 1st day back to fitness by playing tennis with my officemates was just unfortunate. Hah! This is what I got for playing without proper stretching and warm-up. Until now I am still in a slow-mo mode, but I had to try my best to move it and later on go to the hospital for a checkup.
~ 0 ~

After having our kids, this has been our 1st New Year Celebration with just hubby and I and the two kids. Our two house employees went home to their own family. We didn’t prepare that much, it was a simple media noche that we can think of. An oven roasted lechon belly, the Purefoods Fiesta Ham that the office gave us, shrimp with chili sauce, buko fruit salad, the experimental leche flan made in a rush, the biscuit chocolate balls I made a few days back and the 12 different kinds of fruits. I only arranged it in a way pleasing to look at in person and in picture.

Thirty minutes before the 12mn, with the table already set hubby and I woke up the two kids, which obviously took 15-20 minutes before they actually stood up and agreed to be taken outside the room. 10 minutes before midnight the sky was already festive with the different fireworks display. The four of us, watch merrily while our neighbors lit and released their fireworks. Cool! The boggacious New Year we had so far in the city, considering how our neighbors spent for the fireworks. As for us, we’re just contented watching.

Fifteen minutes after midnight, we went in the house and took our first family picture of the year. Taking decent pictures with the kids is not easy. So when these pictures came out, I was so happy because it was yet the best pictures we had. Thanks to the tripod, the camera timer, and the tab with “pink fong” kid songs playing. J Problem solved!

We had our first meal of the year together, cleaned up and then went to bed at 2:00AM. It was indeed a very Happy New Year welcome for us!

I pray for an exciting year, with more blessings and graces from the Lord.

Cheers to 2016!

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  1. Happy New Year too Sis!
    May your family be filled with joy and laughter. And more blessings to your blogging life as well.


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