Saturday, February 13, 2016

12 Happenings in January 2016

It’s already February, the Love Month.

But before proceeding with the next adventure, let me recap some of the things that had happened the past month.

January is expected to be an exciting one for me because it is my birth month, the first month of the year, the first working days of the year after the joyous holidays. Here are the 11 happenings the past month, a combination of happiness, pain and sadness. Read on...

1. How can I forget the first working day of the year, January 4? It’s the day, I went back playing tennis after days of hiatus, and because of that, I unexpectedly incurred an injury. An injury that professional athlete usually gets from over play and over exertion. Thus, I was ridiculed by my colleagues, that I am already one of the professionals. Haha! If this is the prize of becoming one, I rather stay put and play at leisure.  Hehehe.. Anyway, as an update, I think I am 85% recovered, I can already walk straight without pain, but I’m holding myself back from the actual play. Not yet, two more weeks and I’ll be ready to hit the court.

2. And because of the injury, I wasn't able to drive the whole month, hah! I had to take a cab to the office, because walking and going to the jeepney terminal was too much to bear. 

3. My big brother is in town for a few hours, J and I took him and his companions for an all “goat’s meat” feast at the Kambingan de Buena Oro.

4. In spite of the limping leg, we went to Davao City to attend a meeting with our partners in the industry. That was my first official, work related travel for the year. Of course, after work, we still have time to enjoy explore The Saging Repablik. And I am looking forward for more in the months to come. J

5. Searching from rack to rack, I just couldn’t find the right wedge for me. Yep! I needed one, using flat shoes will stretch the injured muscles, resulting in pain and a longer healing time. Until I landed at Ipanema, I chose a brown, gold Honolulu wedge at the price tag of P1595.00 a little cheaper compared to those pretty ones in the leather shoes section + the 20% off on all Ipanema items, definitely a steal. And there’s more, I took advantage with the SALE and bough 2 more pairs actually, a Mesh Platform Flip Flop in Black and Gold (P1395.00) and a Bossa Soft Slippers that I got in Davao City.

6. I finally got to try Photobook Philippines. I made use of the free voucher code for a 6x6 Softcover Photobook that I got after registration, downloaded the software, did the layout, paid the shipping fee of P300.00 and 5 days later this cute 6x6 Photobook had arrived. I so love the quality. Thumbs up!  

7. Here comes the birthday celebration! It’s my birthday! Thank you Lord for another year of my life! Thank you for everything. You can read all about the celebrations here.

8. On the 26th evening, sad news came in. Our colleague, Sir Dodong had a heart attack while playing table tennis (ping-pong), he was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the doctor. The whole department mourned for this passing, we lost a good person, a friend, a mentor.

Sad, but life must go on for the living.

9. The past month was more about food tripping. Ann, Alex and I went to taste the Kuzina Bisaya in town, The BoyZugba, along Corrales Avenue on January 27th.

10. J and I had a dinner date at Harbour City Dimsum House Centrio Mall on the January 29th, after we purchased a Brother DCP-J100 3in1 printer. A late birthday date I supposed and a gift? nah!  J

11. Went to Iligan City to attend a meeting, a long tiring meeting that lasted the whole day. Arrived home past 9PM.

12. And of course last not but the least, Sunday obligations should not be taken for granted. We attended Mass on the last day of the month at the St. Peregrine Chapel, thanked God for what He has given to us, for taking care of us, for being with us all the time.

How about you? Care to share how your January 2016 went?