Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Reasons Why I Should Keep a Diary

The past couple of years, I spent more on a planner.  I fell in love with BDJ and Mommy Mundo Planners before. I bought them online even though they are a little bit pricey. I admit I was excited when I got them, but that excitement and the motivation to write something there, only last for a couple of weeks. Huh!

I realized now, I am an average corporate employee, an average mom, who do not need expensive planners. Instead, I can key in important personal schedules on my smartphone or write on the desktop calendar for office related meetings and events.

But keeping a sort of diary is a different thing. I can’t believe I have one right now. Writing important and less important entries every day for 42 days already is something I haven’t done before. Becoming a diarist at this age? Huh! I have never dreamt about it.

This Mercury Drug Suki Day Book that I got at the Mercury Drug branch near our office for only 30 suki points, is my partner in this so called daily writing journey.

Before I proceed, let me differentiate first what a planner and a diary are. Accordingly, a planner is either a book or a mobile device where you write future plans. Diary on the other hand is where you write or record the daily events that have already passed, it can be a notebook, a mobile device or online.

Though it’s only been a while, I already found reasons why I need to keep on writing, 5 Reasons Why I Should Keep a Diary.

I Can Highlight Special Events
Aside from the photographs, a diary made me write the details that had happened during those special occasions. The things I did, the people I meet, the food I had, I can just record everything that made the event memorable.

I Can Write About Normal Days or Events
I usually find normal days boring, but since I need to write something in my diary, I can make these normal days into something fun and exciting. Small things can become something big because every small thing has an association to something bigger, if only we look around.

I Can Write About My Thoughts, Feelings and Secrets
Whether it’s good or bad, happy or sad thoughts and feelings, I can write all those in my diary. The fresher the thought is the more specific I can write about it. And I can also tell diary about some secrets too. Winks J

It Helps Me Release Stress
There are days, especially at work felt like I’m carrying the whole world on my back. Writing all about it in my diary helps me clear my thoughts and releases the stress.

I Can Look Back the Past
Months or years from now, I think it will be fun to look back all the things, events and thoughts I have written. To reminisce all those bad moments and how I managed to overcome them will be very interesting in the future.

Since I also blog, having a diary also helps me recall those things, events and highlights of life that I can share online.

How about you, have you written a diary too?