Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 + a Limited Edition Swatch

My husband is really not a romantic type of guy, proven again on Valentine’s Day because I haven’t received even a single flower from him. Nag expect pa ako sa wala!At least I have a box of chocolate that we bought together few days before. Senti lang peg, because I drove all the way to the mall, with heavy traffic on the way on Friday night just to buy him something, tapos ako wala? Toinkz! Di bale, I know I will have that something I am wishing for within the month.

We didn’t plan a date on Valentine’s Day (as always), but we decided to visit and  have dinner at his sister’s place because according to husband, he dreamt about his parents, hence, a little celebration for them on a Valentine’s Day was probably better.

Before going to my SIL’s place, we bought stuffs that we plan to cook and also a cake. Since I was tasked to choose the cake, I went for a Double Dutch heart-shaped cake from Goldilocks. Wonder where that red rose in the first photo came, when in fact hubby didn’t give one? Well, it was from Goldilocks.

Anyway, it was still a memorable day, though in some other way.

The next day, Monday, bumawi na si husband. After work, together with our little girl, he fetched me at the office, went for a quick grocery shopping and after that an unplanned dinner date for the three of us at ChoobiChoobi, read our foodie experience here.

Eight days after Valentine’s, all those sentiments completely flew away. Why, because the gift that hubby J asked me to choose for my birthday + Valentines (in one) had arrived. Yep, J usually let me choose what I want as a gift, as long as hindi masyado kamahalan hehehe. This year, I asked for a new watch, a fashionable metal wrist watch in rose gold tone.

My friend is going to Switzerland, I asked her to checked out theSwatch rose gold toned metal kind, hoping it will be cheaper (like P2000+ lesser) compared those sold here starting P6000+, since it’s the country where Swatch came from. Sadly according to her, the metal watches, especially those in rose-gold tone are still expensive at 150 Swiss Francs up. Naku, hindi kaya ng budget, di bale na lang si rose-gold tone. 

Instead, I told Ann to choose a skeletal design also from Swatch, something that is unique. And this is what she got for me, a Septante Blue/Swiss Nationalbank. A limited edition under the Swatch Originals Product Line manufactured in 2014, available only in Switzerland at a price tag of 75 Swiss Francs (P3602.83). The simple, yet unique skeletal design is very catchy. I love it! It can be worn not only by gents, but ladies as well.

Thanks so much to my husband J for this wonderful gift (for paying it hehehe) and to my Mare Ann for purchasing it in Switzerland and for bringing it here. J Now, I finally own something from Swatch. J

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is really not a big deal to both of us, sumasabay lang sa uso minsan kaya pa senti-senti. What is important is we know that we love each other and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together forever. Because I believe there is Forever.