Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Latest Purchase from Zalora

Wonder why I only made this post, when in fact I did the purchase two months ago? Frankly speaking, I waited for the day I can wear the black shoes I got from Zalora before writing. It really took me a while, because for almost 2 months, I can’t wear flat shoes due to the calf muscle injury. 

I made mentioned about the 12.12 Online Sale before, and one of the well-known online malls in the Philippines was also having their season sale.

Hmmm, since it’s December and I was quite busy with the many activities at the office, school, etc. I decided to shop online for items I intend to give to my husband, to the kids and to me, after all Zalora was also on sale.

I asked husband what material gift he wants for Christmas, he told me to get him walking shorts. I’ve searched for the items and got him not just one but two Unionbay checkered shorts at P900 each while I got myself an Ipanema Temas IV Flip flops (P1095) and an Alberto black shoes (P1495).  Total of P4390 less 16% with the discount voucher code emailed to me, plus additional 7% discount using Mastercard credit card. That means I got a whopping 22% discount amounting to P965.8. Happy me for the big savings! I wasn’t able to get something for the kids then, because I chose to buy them educational toys for Christmas.

This summer, our little boy will be attending swimming lesson and I am now in search for cute rashguard and trunks for boys. Here’s what I’ve found at Zalora, a Star Wars Force Awaken Rashguard and a Star Wars Force Awaken Trunks. This set will really look great with my 5 year old boy. Click! I just added them on my wish list for now.

When the decision will come to purchase the Star Wars Swimming Wear set for our boy, might as well chose something for our little girl. Group purchase will give buyers/shoppers free shipping privilege.

While scrolling, I stumbled on these cute watches. Grinning! I’m so excited for my baby girl to grow up so I can make her wear these cute Barbie watches that I found in Zalora! I loved it, the watch lover in me cannot deny the fact that these Barbie watches are really adorable.

Hmmm, let’s see, the moment I’ll get extra cash or find a discount voucher code, these cutie kids’ stuffs will probably land in my shopping cart.

That’s how I love shopping online. Everything is just a click of the mouse away. But I always remember to be cautious especially when using the credit card. I’ll make sure to just purchase only the things I can afford because I don’t want to be buried with debt.

How about you? What is you latest online purchase?