Monday, May 23, 2016

So Long Summer 2016!

Summer has finally ended, though it’s pretty much hot during the midday, rain usually comes around in the afternoon to neutralize the temperature. Considering also the forecasted El Niña, the rest of the year is expected to be wet and cold. Brrrrr…

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Truthfully, I have no other reasons while I was slacking the past months, except because of my busy life in the corporate world. Plus the online store I opened up recently took much of my time. Hah! I really wonder if I can cope up with the online thing I have invested in. I hope so…

Anyway, now I allotted some of my time to write this much needed update, I just want to share how I spent summer this year. Like any other year, we didn’t schedule summer vacation. Going to the beach was what we wanted to do, but considering the very, very harsh heat of the sun, I opted to stay away from the beach, except for the one-hour White Island swim in Camiguin before the Holy Week with colleagues. 

The past 3 months, I have been to places because of work, like visiting some of the small generating plants in Bukidnon and stayed at one of the coolest resorts in the area in April. Travelled for 3 consecutive weeks in May to Davao City, to attend meetings with incoming generating plants and visited the new coal-fired power plant in Malita, Davao Occidental. Though we travelled by plane, still it was exhausting, yet fun to visit places and meet people in the same industry.

At home, my son attended the 2-weeks free summer Sped class at a new school. Yes, we decided to put him in another school, which we hope and pray can help him more (of course with our efforts at home too). 
We also enrolled him in swimming lesson, to an instructor that handles children with special needs. So far, he has a positive attitude to his swimming class, except for some whining at first but manageable. 

We also enrolled our little girl in a toddler class in a pre-school near our area. It was a 5-week playschool + lessons together with the nursery students (since only 3 students enrolled in the toddler level).  It was definitely a wise decision to put her in school, why, because she used to be an aloof girl, who cries every time she sees unfamiliar faces. But after her 5 week class, she’s not afraid to face people. Good job girl! 

We will be having 2 students in the house starting next week.

Oh, with the online thing, I opened up an online store that sells Preloved, Ukay and soon Brand new items for the babies and kids. So far, I already sold some of stuffs to local clients. I was able to sell some of my kids’ preloved items too. Oh di ba? Now I already have a fund for their school uniform.

So please dear friends, please like and visit my online shop Xye Xyrus Xhop

That’s my summer so far. The travel adventures will be posted in my travel blog very soon.

Have a Nice Day!