Thursday, March 23, 2017

Animal Skin Rugs - The Effortlessly Stylish Natural Rug

Animal Skin Rugs Are the Epitome of Fashion

Interior design can sometimes be quite a tricky concept. Selecting the right home design components isn't always as easy as it seems. If you want to design a home that's attractive, you need to walk a fine line. You want to design a living space that looks inviting, fresh and modern. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard, however. If you're looking for a rug that can help you create a space that's easy, breezy and elegant all at the same time, you should look into your choices in animal skin floor coverings. Animal skin rugs are the epitome of undemanding and straightforward. It doesn't matter if you have a penchant for sheepskin rugs. It doesn't matter if you prefer reindeer hide or cowhide rug options. Animal skin rugs can take the look of your residence to an exciting new level.

Rugs that are made of animal skin are 100 percent natural. That's part of their charm. They're ideal for designers who want to establish fluid, easy and simplistic living settings. They have natural colors that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Their markings and patterns are just as natural, too. Fans of muted and earthy colors such as off-white, brown, black and reddish-brown often can't say no animal skin rugs.

Warmth is so important for residential comfort. There are so many rugs these days that are far from warm. They feel flimsy and cold to the touch. That's not exactly ideal for the wintertime. If you're interested in a rug that can give you the convenience of extra warmth, you should explore the cowhide rug realm right away. A nice reindeer hide rug can be just as warm and cozy. Soft and beautiful sheepskin rugs have significant warmth factors, too.

Texture is critical for strong residential design practices. If you want your living room to 'pop' in a flattering way, texture can be a wonderful asset. Animal skin rugs can be terrific for texture purposes. They possess soft textures and appearances that can introduce a lot of visual appeal to any room.

Animal skin rugs offer many potential uses. If you purchase an animal skin rug, it's well worth your money. That's because you can opt to make it a cozy rug on your floor. You can even use it as a comfortable sofa throw. If you love curling up on the couch in front of the television with a warm and soft throw, few things can beat a gorgeous animal skin rug.

These rugs, last but not least, are also usually a cinch to keep in good condition. They don't have demanding or complicated maintenance requirements. This can be a relief to people who are busy and who don't have a lot of time to spend looking after their homes. If you want to buy a home rug that's gorgeous, low-maintenance, natural and mesmerizing, an animal skin offering should be a fantastic choice. These rugs are wildly popular nowadays. They're regularly available for sale in home design and furnishing stores all around the world. Locating a great cowhide rug is usually pretty easy. Finding a great sheepskin or reindeer hide rug is typically just as easy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcoming 2017 With Positive Attitude

2016 was a very demanding year for me in almost all aspects of my life, especially during the last quarter of the year when a twist of fate, an opportunity came knocking that I have certainly grabbed. Busy it may seem and life changing, but regrets never came into my mind, instead an appreciative heart that in spite of the new challenges, the new responsibilities, I am very thankful to God for the blessings and to my new boss for the opportunity.

Taking the new post, is one big decision that I had made, the responsibilities that comes with it is immense. Yet, I know I am capable of doing the other side of the job, I believe I am technically equipped and qualified, but the challenging part for me is the other side of the coin, the administrative that I have to experience to begin with. But I am thankful that the boss, is very understanding of my shortcomings, I am in the process of learning everything, it may be hard, but I know I can get through with it, as long as I work hard and believe in myself and the people around me.


2017 came in like 8 days ago, and I think I was and I am ready to face the New Year with positive attitude, by continuing what I have started and to prove to myself what I am capable of and the rest will follow. Yep, I am talking about my life as a corporate employee, an employee that loves her work, and respected the company she is working for and giving back her loyalty to the company that feeds her family.

And I am one super woman, capable of facing all the odds and intricacies of life. As long as these people, my life, my family is with me all the way. Aja Fighting 2017! I'll face you with a BIG SMILE on my face.. for a stress free year...